What Does MFIX stand for?

Our tagline is Keeping you on the move. With MFIX, our vision is to provide service excellence and help the mobility of all end-users by providing quality tires and batteries at the best prices and, most importantly, at the comfort of your location. So, we FIX at your convenience and always keep you Mobile. Hence MFIX.

What kind of guarantee do I get on the Tires purchased through MFIX?

All tires purchased through the MFIX Website has warranty terms mentioned during purchase. In the event of a claim, our team can be contacted, and our team will assess the claim first. If the claim is due to a manufacturing defect, a replacement tire will be provided, and the cost will be determined based on the remaining tread life of the claim tire.

What is the difference between a 2020, 2021 and 2022 tire?

Tires have a production period mentioned on the sidewall in the form of a week of production and the year; this is to ascertain the product worthiness as most tire manufacturers limit the life of a tire to a maximum of 5 years from the date of production but remain subject to the wear and tear of tires.

How do I check the price of my battery?

Please provide details of your battery fitted onto the vehicle to our MFIX team, and they will come back to you with various options suiting your budget.

What is the guarantee on the batteries provided by MFIX?

All batteries supplied by MFIX for automotive applications are warranted for a period of one year and will be replaced with a new one free of cost in the event of a premature failure

How can I check my tire size?

Your tire's sidewall contains all the data about your tire in the form of numbers and alphabets. Read to find out what they indicate.

What is the cancellation policy of MFIX?

Please refer to the Return/refund policy mentioned separately.

If I have a flat tire, will MFIX come to replace the tire immediately?

At present, MFIX does not attend to puncture-related service jobs. However, if a new tire is purchased to replace the punctured tire, our mobile service will be dispatched to replace the tire based on the agreed time period.

Where do I need to go for a Wheel Alignment?

MFIX has partnered with Saeedi Pro for wheel alignment services. They currently have 8 

service locations in different areas of Dubai where you could avail the free computerized wheel alignment for your 4 tire purchase from the MFIX Website.

When I order a tire from MFIX, does the price of a Tire include balancing and Alignment?

If Four Tires are bought from the MFIX website, the tire price includes Tire Fitment, Tire Balancing and Wheel Alignment. If less than four tires are purchased, the price includes tire fitment and balancing only.

If you wish to purchase Wheel Alignment for your tires, you can so the special price of AED 80 only (VAT exclusive)


Do you do Wheel Balancing on site?

Yes, we do computerized wheel balancing at the site.

What is the Load Index on a tire?

Load index is the maximum weight that each tire of your vehicle can carry at the maximum speed limit given by the manufacturer. It is generally denoted by two or three-digit numbers that represent the load-bearing limit of each tire and is found mentioned on the sidewall of your tire between the diameter reading and the speed rating.

What is the Speed Index on a tire?

Tire speed rating is the maximum speed that the tire is legally approved to be driven at, based on the recommended load index that's also on your tire. These speed ratings are based on practical tests that engineers run when new tires are designed, ensuring these tires perform at that speed. The speed rating is generally mentioned on the sidewalls of a tire and is denoted alphabetically.

Can the MFIX van enter my parking building as the ceiling is low?

MFIX mobile vehicle units are custom designed with its state of art machines to operate in any buildings/parking lots and premises

How long does it take to get my tires installed?

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What are the common mistakes I could make when ordering a tire?

· Mention the vehicle brand and its variant; some car brands have unique OE tire specifications recommended by the car manufacturer.

· Ensure all 4 tires are of the same brand and pattern; do not mix and match.

· Check the front and rear axle of the vehicle to ascertain correct tire sizes as some vehicles have a different combination of tire sizes in the front and rear axles

· Tire size and its specification have to be clearly communicated to the MFIX team or provide a photograph of the tire sidewall in case you can't understand the tire size mentioned.

Can I pay cash after the tires fitment?

At present, we accept payments through cards only.

What does RFID means in context of tires?

RFID tags are a type of tracking system that uses radio frequency to search, identify, track, and communicate with items and people. Essentially, RFID tags are smart labels that can store a range of information from serial numbers to a short description and even pages of data. RFID in tires are critical to avoid parallel imports of non-conformity tires in the region. Every country/region has their own specification attributed to tires in line with the conformity parameters set by the standardization department of respective countries; in the UAE, it is governed by ESMA.

Does MFIX offer Roadside assistance?

At present, MFIX provides fitment and balancing of tires purchased through its website only at the agreed location.

Does MFIX provide a battery boost?

Yes! We can provide you with a battery boost as an interim solution. But, the total revival of the battery depends on the state of the battery, and you might have to replace it sooner or later to avoid breakdowns.

Will MFIX come and fix the tires while I am on work?

MFIX is committed to reaching your doorsteps and providing you with a quick and hassle-free service.

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